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The Organic Food Police

There are thousands of food blogs, websites and foodie Facebook groups, quite a few of which are on the topic of clean-eating and/or organic food. Many of these information resources are clever and inspiring, created by clever and inspiring people. When you’re on a tight budget, inspiration is a necessity; you need to be creative, altering recipes and changing ingredients around to accommodate what you can afford to buy.

It’s our organic way or the highway

The foodie community can be incredibly friendly and helpful. I am frequently in awe of the recipes that people are able to create and photograph in their own homes, and many food bloggers are so friendly, happy to offer advice and encouragement. However in some healthy eating and clean eating circles, if you deviate from the recipes and admit to using non-organic food, or even ‘cheat’ ingredients such as a jar of ready-made tomato sauce, then there is a chance that you will be judged harshly for it.

Across the internet, foodie websites and communities seem to be split into two polar factions. The super-healthy, organic elite, and the budget, eat whatever’s cheapest brigades. Both have significant merits, but I think that there is some middle ground to be had.

The art of compromise

The ‘cleanest’ diet possible is comprised of unprocessed, organic food. You won’t get any arguments from me on this point. Scientific studies increasingly support the notion that you get what you pay for when it comes to food.

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Eating non-organic broccoli is still better than eating no broccoli

However, and this is an important point in today’s economic climate, not everyone can afford to eat organic food.

I would love to feed my family on only organic food. But the harsh truth is, I can’t afford to.

We all have to make informed decisions about how and where to spend our money when it comes to food. If you can’t afford to buy organic food, then the next best move that you can make is to remove processed food from your diet. Unlike going completely organic, this can be achieved without spending more money, as long as you plan, prepare and prep in advance.

Fresh organic food may be better than fresh, non-organic food, but fresh non-organic food is better than most processed food – organic or not.

Judgement free zone

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The Green Apple Club is somewhere for like-minded individuals to share ideas and cook good, unprocessed food. We aspire to eat the best possible food that we can afford.  We make informed food choices and support others who are trying to do the same. Our members can share recipes and ideas in an environment free from judgment.

Join The Green Apple Club today, and make your own good food rules!


Published by Sonia Nicholas, Founder of The Green Apple Club



  1. This is a great article! You are absolutely correct that people can be very judgmental. Everything in life is about finding balance that works for you as an individual, and that’s different for everyone.
    It’s nice to have a reminder of that from time to time!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Amanda! I think it’s easy for some of us (me included) to think that if we’re not perfect then we’re not doing a great job at being healthy. But every effort brings reward! Sonia Nicholas

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