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Partnership Announcement: The Royall Wealth Club

When I first heard about The Royall Wealth Club, I was immediately taken with the concept of total wellness.

As you know, I write extensively on the subject of food and health, but complete wellness and happiness requires some additional contributing factors.

The Founder of The Royall Wealth Club, Derrick Royall, believes that complete wellness comes from the marriage of health, wealth and happiness. I think that this is a balance we would all love to achieve.

The Club is an exclusive framework designed to bring together successful people from all walks of life, to meet, share and develop their personal well-being goals.

As an independent financial advisor, Derrick Royall, Founder of The Royall Wealth Club, brings over 20 years of financial expertise to the group. Additional partners of the Club will contribute expertise in the areas of finance, exercise, healthy eating and wellness. I am absolutely thrilled to have been asked to contribute with regards to achieving good health through good food.

The Club launches in Bristol on October 20th at Momentum Financial Technology. The launch event is free to attend and keynote speakers will include Laura Kerby, Chief Executive, Penny Brohn UK and several experts from the financial arena.

I will be attending the launch personally, so I would love to meet some of you there. If you too are interested in achieving total wellness, then you can register to attend the launch here.

Attend the launch of the Royall Wealth Club

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