28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Week 2: Lie Ins & Chocolate Brownies

This morning (Sunday) it was my turn for a lie in, MrN and I take it in turns on a weekend as our children are up at 6.30am EVERY morning.

Our lie ins are not equal. Yesterday I sat quietly with the children, watching a film and playing games with them while MrN had a peaceful extra few hours in bed.

This morning, I was woken up at 7am by the children screaming and MrN shouting loudly at them to be quiet because Mummy is asleep (not any more she’s not). I then spent the next half an hour lying in bed, listening to them becoming increasingly rowdy and hysterical while MrN desperately shouted ‘why are you doing this to me’ on the verge of a tantrum himself.

I finally gave up at 7.30am and went downstairs where Master N was having a complete and total meltdown for no apparent reason, Miss N was smugly watching (happy it wasn’t her for a change) and MrN had his head in his hands. ‘Oh good, you’re up’ he says.

Imagine an angry face emoji here.

Week 2 of The Green Apple Club Clean Eating Challenge has, for want of a better word, been a challenge. Physically I feel good. My trousers are less tight, my skin is good, my head is clear. But I’ve had major chocolate cravings, along with quite a few other challengers in our Facebook group.

As a result I made chocolate brownies on Friday afternoon. I made them gluten-free because brownies appear to be the one cake that doesn’t suffer for the lack of gluten. And it was worth it to see MrN’s face when he came home from work on Friday afternoon and realized he could eat them (he was upset that last week’s Rock Cakes contained spelt flour). I did eat quite a few brownies straight from the oven, and then had to have a bit of a lie down because I overdid it. But it was worth it.

The brownies saved the day and I’m just about on track. I’m going to do more exercise next week, including extra yoga which I find very calming.

Bring on Week 3!

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