28 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Week 3: Chocolate and Stress

We’ve just completed week 3 of The Green Apple Club Clean Eating Challenge. I wouldn’t say that I’m sailing through it this time, it’s felt more like crawling over this last week, but I am still going!

I know that quite a few of our challengers have fallen off the wagon, some more than once. I’ve found that I’m not really a tough-love kind of mentor. I know that sometimes life just gets in the way of good intentions – it happens to me all the time! My advice to everyone who falls off the wagon is to move on. So you made one bad decision, s**t happens! The trick to a lifetime of healthy eating is moderation and being able to move forwards.

The worst thing that you could do is make a mistake, and then let that mistake influence the rest of your day/month/year. So you ate a bar of chocolate mid-morning because you were hungry and stressed? Don’t hate yourself for it. Move on and make sure your snacks and meals for the rest of the day are even healthier, to make up for it.

Don’t think that because you had one bad meal/snack, you might as well carry on for the rest of the day. Because when you do that, you’re giving yourself permission to eat badly even though you are making yourself less healthy in the process. If you give yourself permission to eat badly for a day, it becomes a week (you’ll start again next Monday right?), or a month (January is nearly over so you’ll start again in February). Before you know it you’ve forgotten all about that resolution or commitment and in a few months’ time you’ll wonder where it all went wrong.

Remind yourself of why you made the decision to clean up your diet, exercise more and be kinder to yourself. You are worth it! Every single one of you is worth it. So don’t eat well for someone else, eat well for you, because you deserve to be healthy and happy too.

Love, Sonia xxx

P.S. If you crave chocolate when you’re stressed, like I do, then I have some clean eating chocolate treats to help keep you on track:

Rich Chocolate Brownies
Guilt-Free Hot Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Florentines
Chocolate Bliss Balls
Cherries with a Hot Chocolate Fudge Dipping Sauce

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