Will They Eat It? Mini Pitta Pizza’s

Meal: Mini Pitta Pizzas

Preparation: I toasted the pitta breads, let them cool slightly and then carefully pulled them apart into 2 halves. Then I set out bowls of grated cheddar cheese, cold cooked sweetcorn and peas, diced red peppers, shredded Parma ham and mozzarella. I helped the children spread the pittas with tomato puree and they topped them with cheese, ham and vegetables. I then grilled them to melt the cheese.


Time to prepare: Prep time – 10 minutes, Cook time – 5 mins

Skill level: Easy


Miss N – This is fun! I’ll have everything (puts it all on), oh no I’ve changed my mind, I only want cheese (takes it all off), well maybe I’ll have sweetcorn and peas and cheese. Oh and parma ham… arghhh!!!!

Master N – Ooh this is fun, I’ll just eat it all straight out of the bowls, no need to make me a pizza thanks.

Mr N – Mr N has had enough of my family friendly budget meals and has announced he will be making his own tea.

Me – Normally I wouldn’t attempt any ‘audience participation’ cooking exercises on a Friday tea time when, as a general rule, the children are tired, miserable and almost always horrible. However, for the sake of this blog I insisted they give it a go. They did pretty well, Master N ate most of the toppings before they got onto his pizza but I managed to save enough to make an actual pizza for him. The children managed 2 pizzas each. I enjoyed them, they were cheap, easy and tasty. I used salt cured Parma ham instead of normal ham because I avoid nitrate processed meat for the whole family (I’ve read enough scientific papers to be extremely wary of nitrates). Parma ham when cooked also crisps up and goes a bit more like bacon which is a more appealing texture for the children than when it is uncooked. On my pizza’s (I ate 4) I had Parma ham, red pepper and mozzarella and sprinkled it with chives.

Cost for my family of 3 (Mr N has been cast out for his refusal to participate): £2.99

Main ingredients from ASDA

6 mini wholemeal pitta breads 38p

Grated cheddar 30g 17p

Mozzarella 22p

Shredded parma ham £1.50

Peas, sweetcorn, red peppers, tomato puree 72p

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