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Things I Wish I’d Known BEFORE I Quit My Job

Until October last year I had a well-paid, permanent office job, working as a Clinical Editor for an online scientific publisher. When I quit to start up The Green Apple Club, I’m not sure I’d really thought through the reality of starting up a business that revolves around healthy food, on my own, from my own house. These are the things I wish I’d known before I walked out of the office.


Food photography is hard – like REALLY hard! I perhaps should have tried photographing my food before I quit my job….. that would have been a sensible thing to do. But I follow so many food bloggers and their food looks so amazing and effortless, like they just whipped out their iphone and snapped a quick image. My food is healthy and tasty, but very much every-day kind of food. Easy to cook, easy to eat, not easy (for me) to photograph. I am not a natural food photographer and I have a lot to learn. So you’ll have to put up with the crappy photography until I can learn to do a better job. Sorry about that!


I’d still be stressed out – I thought working from home would be easier than my mega stressful job in publishing, and in some ways, it is. But starting up a business is a million times harder than I thought it would be. Every single day I doubt myself and my ability to make it succeed. It’s hard, but worth it because I no longer have to get on a plane to the States when one of my children is sick, or miss a school assembly because I have to be on a conference call with Germany.


I’m crap at everything – not only am I rubbish at photography, the last few months have also brought to light the fact that I’m also terrible at keeping accounts, awful at making decisions, pretty bad at keeping my desk tidy, impulsive to the point of being dangerous …. the list goes on!


I’d put on weight – oh yes indeedy. Cooking, baking, testing recipes, retesting recipes … there is so much food about. It might be mostly healthy, but honestly, if you have no willpower and eat all day long like I do, it’s going to show in the old muffin top.


I wouldn’t be able to work from Costa Coffee – possibly the most disappointing realisation so far. I thought that now I was working from home I’d be able to take my laptop to Costa and look busy and important while guzzling a latte or three. Firstly, I can’t really afford it, giving up my job has had an terrifying effect on my personal finances. Secondly, it’s too noisy in Costa – my local is a Mecca for maternity mums. I know this because I’ve hung out there quite a lot over the years with my own screaming babies. Lastly, probably most crucially, my laptop doesn’t work so it would be pointless.


So there we are, whinge over. I do love my job, honestly! I just felt the need to get this off my chest! Happy Monday to you all.



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